Our Focus within our M&A division is primarily targeted on supporting private company owners and entrepreneurs to achieve interest from within our broad network of investors.

We are not only considering financial objectives but also other rational and emotional criteria as well to provide our clients with a tailor-made solution to fully meet their requirements.

It goes without saying that our fees are competetive and always based upon success.


Worldwide we maintain close and trustful relationships to numerous family offices as well as wealthy private individuals and other proven investors who naturally prefer to act in the shadows and are therefore not easily accessible to the general public.

We will never take a shotgun approach to target all available investors, instead we tailor our approach for each transaction and its peculiarities.

Thus our apporoach may need more time than that of large PE-Firms and partnerships however we guarantee a secret and well managed process leading to the optimum result for our client.


We know that trust is one of the most important building blocks within the M&A process and therefore confidentiality and a very targeted approach is our prime value proposition.

Since our Managing Director Hajo Riesenbeck is personally involved in every detail of the transactions we can assure our clients that their data and information is treated with the most possible care.


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